Thanks for stopping in to learn more about Simple Unity Design! My name is Susan Becher Schultz, I’m the founder and head designer of Simple Unity. My favorite part of designing with floral is bringing my clients’ unique visions to life! I truly enjoy getting to know each individual through their love of floral, texture, and color. Take a look around, if you’re interested in having a floral consultation with me please fill out the information in the contact section and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

My infatuation with design began early in life when I started sketching interior design room makeovers and fashion lines in elementary school. In college, I majored in Textile & Apparel Design and minored in Business, the entrepreneurial life always much more appealing to me than the corporate world. As I navigated my way through my early twenties I learned quickly I would never succeed in a desk job, and so, I began to rely on my creativity more than ever. Trying my hand at numerous occupations, I worked for various local florists, movie sets, retailers, startups, schools, you name it, I’ve probably done it. During this, I learned invaluable business, design, and interpersonal skills, soaking up everything I could to start my own business when the time was right.  After a few years on the struggle bus to seemingly nowhere, Simple Unity slowly but surely formed. It started as a variety of different design projects and has turned into the floral design business that it is today.

In the near future, I hope to shape Simple Unity into a business that gives back to the community through employment, education, and wherever else I can meet neighbors’ needs. In all things, I believe the heart of Simple Unity Design is to bring more beauty to people who need it most.

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